Our Services

Our pet-centered approach to grooming is focused around a fabulous experience that ends in an even more fabulous groom! We take the time before every appointment to discuss your preferences and pet’s needs so we can be sure to give them an amazing groom that you and they will love. Please allow for around 2-3 hours per pet appointment to allow us the time to take care of your pet with the kindness and gentle skill they deserve.

PLEASE CALL (859) 817-9387 FOR A QUOTE!


*Online booking is subject to salon review with a followup call to ensure we have the correct services and date booked. Please allow up to 2 business days for your appointment to be reviewed. ​When booking, please make sure you are choosing correct service. If you book a bath but need a full groom, we may have to reschedule you.

Prices below are total estimates (including tax) and subject to change without notice.

Bath Packages

Keep your dog clean and happy with a bath package including nails clipped & buffed, bath, blowout, brush out, and ear cleaning.

• Small (0-24lbs) – $30

• Medium (25-49lbs) – $40

• Large (50-79lbs) – $51

• XL (80-124lbs) – $66

• XXL (125-200lbs) – $91


(must be booked with a bath package)

• Shed-less treatment – $10

• Anal gland expression – $5

• Flea/tick removal & De-skunk – $10-20

• Nail painting – $10

Dog Grooming


Our full-service groom packages include the everything in our bath package plus a full body hair cut of your choosing.

• Small (0-24lbs) – $58

• Medium (25-49lbs) – $69

• Large (50-79lbs) – $80

• XL (80-124lbs) – $95 

• XXL (125-200lbs) – $120



Need a trim in some places but not everywhere? Our Face, Feet and Fanny trim packages would be the perfect fit! Includes our standard bath package and a light trim focusing on the face, feet and fanny areas. (no body trimming)

• Small (0-24lbs) – $40

• Medium (25-49lbs) – $54

• Large (50-79lbs) – $65

• XL (80-124lbs) – $80

• XXL (125-200lbs) – $105

Specialty Services


Getting your puppy used to the grooming process is super important to their overall health and safety during grooming. Not a full groom. Puppy must be six months or younger to qualify. 



For those with a show dog or just looking for a show-level trim haircut or handstripping of your wire-haired dog to keep their coat looking amazing. (This service may only be booked with Mikaela)



If you don’t want to shave down your dog, we understand. But getting those matts out is no easy task. If you are interested in preserving your dog’s coat, we offer a dematting service.

$10 per 30 mins


Anal gland expression is not included in our bathing or grooming packages. If we feel it is necessary, we will suggest it as an add-on – otherwise, this service must be requested.


Cat Grooming

Cats need grooming, too! We offer shave downs and lion trims as well as nail trimming for your feline family members. 

*Cats must come in a carrier and be up to date on rabies vaccines. 

Please call for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a pricing estimate?

Please call the salon at (859) 817-9387 so we can discuss your dog’s needs, your preferences, and go over our grooming process.

Do my dogs have any contact with other dogs?

No- Each pet is pampered with individual attention, unless a family has multiple pets that come in together, all dogs will be separated.

Will my dog be caged?

Each dog is kept in a safe and sanitized personal kennel according to the AKC Safe Salon standards when they are not being groomed. This is not only to maintain a sanitary salon space, but for their safety as well as the safety of any other dogs in the salon at the same time. Each kennel is also outfitted with a clean and sanitized PawMat pad for their comfort. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, sanitary, and comfortable space for all dogs on and off the grooming table. 

How long will my dog have to be there for?

We try very hard to stick to our 3 hours or less motto, with big or matted dogs however, it takes a little longer to groom safely and efficiently.

Please be sure to review our policies before booking your appointment.